Back in 2013

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This is the first release from the Norwegian Oslo-based duo Somebody Else. An EP under the same name containing 6 tracks. In the early stages of the songwriting it took some time for SE to find its own voice from all the different aspects of their inspirations. The sound is an ambient crossover between “Nine inch Nails” and “How To Destroy Angels” with strong lyrics and haunting melodies.

SE is:

Anita Hvambsahl Vocalist,lyricist and songwriter
Chris Rivedal Composer,Vocalist,lyricist and songwriter.

They write and produce their songs in a home-based studio which also is portable so they can work from anywhere. Their influences comes from Metal/Rock to Electronic and Industrial. There’s also a lot of references towards film music in their sound. So expect the unexpected.


As an independent artist the word of mouth and a press willing to write about them is essential to its survival. So why write about SE? Take a listen and you will realize its all in the name, Somebody Else. There’s nothing like it out there. The simple but yet so powerful and intricate songs coming from this duo is something you as a music knower need to tell people about so they can create a live package that will change the way we see artists on stage today.


For more information, promo requests or to set up an interview, please contact us at:

Phone: 0047 922 99 322


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